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Training Programs at MJD Sport
Fitness & Lifestyle Management

A fitness training program must be more than a series of exercises. It starts with finding balanced ways to make fitness a positive part of your life, one that maximizes the benefits and minimizes the drawbacks.

Form & Function

In all the training we do, emphasizing the correct posture, form and technique, and mix of activities, a mix that fits your life, is key to getting the results you hope for and more, without your fitness program taking over your life.

One-on-One Training

Successful training to improve your mental and physical fitness and health means finding a balance in your day-to-day life. A balance between your preferences, requirements, mental outlook, physical condition, time constraints, responsibilities, objectives and motivation – to name just a few. You are unique. One-on-one training puts your unique traits to work for you.

Athletic Performance

This is perhaps the area where you need one-on-one attention the most. The right program depends on your sport, your role in it and what you want to improve. In the end, it’s all about optimizing power, strength, speed and conditioning, but at the right time and in the right measure. As a professional athlete, Matt’s been there, and he can take you there too.

Youth Programs

The sooner you begin the journey, the further you can go. Parents and coaches can help their children and players have more confidence, better mental and physical performance and an overall healthier life.


  • Lower risk of Diabetes, Obesity and other Health Conditions
  • Increase Self Confidence 
and Self Worth
  • Promote Greater Mobility and Muscular Development
  • Improve Overall Behaviour
  • Spark additional Interests

Nutritional Counselling

But that doesn’t mean you need to completely change your diet. That rarely works. Instead, tell us what you like to eat. We’ll start there. Then, whether it’s a complete, balanced meal plan, or just helpful advice, we’ll put together a nutrition program that is designed to fit your preferences and goals.

Fat Loss

Not weight loss. You can lose weight and not get healthier. Fat loss means reducing your overall body fat through a personalized program of balanced nutrition and physical activity. The program gives your body the strength it needs to burn the energy stored in your fat cells through a targeted training program.

Stress Management

Stress relief is just one part of stress that a training program can offer. A stress management training program focused on your particular stressors and needs will help improve your focus, productivity and effectiveness. The result? Your program will help reduce your stress before it begins, instead of just relieving it after it happens.

Muscle Building

Yes, you can increase your muscle mass by lifting more weights. But there’s a better way. A natural progression. One where every workout, every movement, builds logically and holistically on the last one. The rewards will come faster and easier, and they will motivate you to go further than you ever thought possible.


Remember as a kid when you could watch TV for hours, then suddenly leap off the couch and run around for hours? Flexibility might be the biggest difference between you then and now. A tailored flexibility program doesn’t just make it easier to move, it increases strength, reduces pain, and improves your posture and balance. 

Injury Prevention

Your body is an extremely complex machine. And everything is interconnected. A misalignment in your foot can give you headaches. Stronger bones, tendons, joints and muscles, and learning how to properly use them all in your day-to-day activities, will help you avoid injury, stay more active and get better results.

Cognitive Improvement / Job Performance

Do you get home every night mentally and/or physically drained? A targeted training program will not only improve your health and fitness, but your job performance too, including increased productivity, brainpower, mental focus, energy and creativity. 


“He shows you how to get the most impact through modest effort only, so that you can have that optimal balance without needing to be in the gym on a daily basis.”
Zafar Jamal
Google Reviews
“He refuses to see me more than twice a week so I could spend more time with family, friends and doing things I enjoy while still accomplishing my goals. The cleanliness, equipment and privacy is an added bonus to what Matt has to offer.”
Rosanna Cruz
Google Reviews
“I’ve been working with Matt for 4 years now and as a business owner and living a hectic lifestyle I appreciate how Matt takes care of my fitness, health and nutrition and keeps me at the top of my game at work and from a personal perspective.”
Bill Petsinis
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